Tag: human


  • Cili

    From a young age Cili was taught the ways of dance. Despite her skill and grace, she wanted something more. She wanted a life of adventure. So she quit the academy and ventured out on her own. Her first mission with Wraith Claw had some...mixed results, …

  • Caprielle 'Cap' Awne

    Caprielle was raised on a sheep farm in the mountains far north of Crystalia, where her father was a shepherd, and her mother wove beautiful and intricate items with the wool from the sheep they raised. One night Goblins attacked her home, killing her …

  • Lina

    A former adventurer, Lina quit her guild to focus on raising [[:shayla | Shayla]] after their father's disappearance. She runs the business side of the Wraith Claw tavern, renting out rooms and preparing meals for guests.

  • Claudio

    A bard extraordinaire, Claudio thought he knew it all. That is, until the day he met [[:gorlock-the-entertainer | Gorlock]]. Claudio was amazed by Gorlock's avant-garde performance and has since dedicated himself to being his disciple. Claudio now works …

  • Valan

    Once a squire to a brave knight, Valan has known discipline and honor all his life. He has proven himself time and time again on and off of the battlefield. He takes his duty as Captain of the Guard seriously and will not tolerate any harm to his city.