Tag: female


  • Cili

    From a young age Cili was taught the ways of dance. Despite her skill and grace, she wanted something more. She wanted a life of adventure. So she quit the academy and ventured out on her own. Her first mission with Wraith Claw had some...mixed results, …

  • Shayla

    Shayla was raised on her father's tales of bravery and adventure. Since his disappearance Shayla has taken over guild master duties at Wraith Claw. She hopes to restore the guild's honor and make her father proud when he comes home.

  • Lina

    A former adventurer, Lina quit her guild to focus on raising [[:shayla | Shayla]] after their father's disappearance. She runs the business side of the Wraith Claw tavern, renting out rooms and preparing meals for guests.

  • Alicia

    A young orphan, Alicia made her way in the world by traveling from town to town, selling her hand made wooden trinkets. Her wares were destroyed in the attack on Crossroads and she was left destitute, but [[:gorlock-the-entertainer | Gorlock]] extended a …